the lofty life

A newspaper clipping from the Palm Beach Post was placed into Nick’s hand. “You should look into this,” came the advice from his Aunt.

It was an article describing a government funded building project for artists in downtown Lake Worth. Space to work and live.

The more we researched it, the more perfect of fits it became.
We applied.

We had to submit a portfolio, so we got to building.

IMG_2936IMG_2946boxportfolio-02 boxportfolio-03 boxportfolio-04 boxportfolio-05 boxportfolio-06 boxportfolio-07 boxportfolio-pagesashley boxportfolio-pagesnick

We submitted our portfolio along with all of the other necessary information to begin the loan process.

We waited. Waited again. Then waited more.


We became skeptics of anyone’s ability to close on property.
Only a miracle could make it possible.

But a miracle is what God had in store. And a blessing is what our home is.
We closed in the summer and became a permanent fixture in the growing artist community in Lake Worth.

(then WE got featured in the Palm Beach Post, read it here!)Post Article

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