We arrived in our hotel room and immediately got to searching the internet. We’ve got to find bikes, we kept telling persons on the receiving end of our phone calls. We arrived in Chicago on a Friday for only one reason – Critical Mass

Nick and I have discovered that we prefer to explore on the seat of our bicycles and when we started planning a trip to Chicago, the dates happened to coincide Critical Mass bike ride. For those of you who don’t know about it, Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride that happens globally. The last Friday of every month, people gather in a designated spot to ride together. This is how our Chicago trip started.

We rented bikes, and killed some time before the mass ride.
2 hours in and we were stuck in the street due to a faulty bike lock. But a quick call to the bike rental company brought a bike tech with a battery operated grinder to free our chain. Sparks were flying everywhere and no one even glanced or questioned at our actions.


We gathered in Daley Plaza.
People on bikes came in the hundreds.

Then the skies became grey and the wind started to blow.

I have never seen such a storm, wind whipping around the tall buildings, and I was sure a tornado would touch down at any minute. But Critical Mass happens rain or shine, so we waited hoping the downpour would dry.


Maybe an hour after the ride was due to start, and drenched from head to toe, the mass rode out.

Hundreds of bikes stopping traffic rode through the city’s streets for 15 miles.
It felt like we road on forever, pedaling well into the outskirts of the city, back in from the North and made our final laps around Buckingham Fountain.
The ride was the best way to start our explorations of Chicago.





Out of all the food we explored, our favorite spot to grab the best burger we’ve ever tasted was Dry Hop.
Great food, friendly atmosphere, and it’s a brewery – we’ve been recommending it to anyone we know heading to Chicago ever since.


Nick can’t leave a big city without seeking out a craft doughnut shop, and this time around, we found Glazed and Infused. We passed by the maple and bacon flavor, complete with a strip of meat on top, but we devoured our selection of créme bûrlée, apple fritter and granola.



Just about everywhere we went, we rode on two wheels and we were able to see so much. Riding along Lake Michigan, down the city streets, through Lincoln Park, around the aquarium and anywhere in between.

Our aim is to really see any place we visit, to go places tourists would not.

biking around town

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