Re-Image at Revel on the Block

In late July, I had the privilege to be a part of Revel on the Block in Fort Lauderdale in a gallery show called Re-Imagine. The show was curated by the wonderful and talented people at Helium Creative and Cadence.

I made an interactive art installation from relics found underneath an old house in Lake Worth that has since been leveled to the ground. This piece is made of bones, jars, broken cups and paper containers.

revelONtheBLOCK-01 revelONtheBLOCK-02 revelONtheBLOCK-03 revelONtheBLOCK-04 revelONtheBLOCK-05 revelONtheBLOCK-06 revelONtheBLOCK-07 revelONtheBLOCK-08 revelONtheBLOCK-09 revelONtheBLOCK-10 revelONtheBLOCK-11 revelONtheBLOCK-12 revelONtheBLOCK-13 revelONtheBLOCK-14 revelONtheBLOCK-15 revelONtheBLOCK-16

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