2013 may have been the most eventful year I’ll experience…

In 2013 I married my best friend back in January and committed to serve and love her for the rest of my life. We threw an epic wedding celebration that everyone had a blast attending. Our friends and us hand built every element. God blessed us with the photographer of our dreams that flew all the way from Seattle to capture our love and creativity forever.

Ashley Huizenga Nardone is the hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m continually reminded how I’m hardly deserving I am of her love and continuous kindness. Every time I wake up next to her and look at her adorable blonde features it makes me smile. Thank you God!

After our wedding we then located, fought for and eventually closed on our absolute dream home in Lake Worth 1 mile from the beach in at Artist loft community. We’ve started our family here and we are building an art studio where we can continue our creative works.

I started a new career at Apple and have been progressively blessed into the position of a full-time technician. I love it there and it’s provided reliable income for our new home. I work along side my favorite brother Nash and it’s one of the best parts of my job. I plan to stay there for many years and continue to work my way up the ladder.

I completed 3 years of pest control with my uncle’s company and I studied hard to pass the state exams along side my favorite cousin to become a licensed pest control operator in the state of Florida.

I also worked part-time at Florida Freedivers learning the spear fishing industry and how to safety free dive. I made some of the best friends I’ve had to date, Jonathan Dickinson and Kelsey Marie Dickinson

Ashley made massive achievements at Anthropologie as one of their top display coordinators and her designs were featured all over the country as she created the holiday window prototype. I then helped Ashley produce a video of her creation and after submitting it to Anthropologie, we’ve begun to work contractually for the amazing company shooting special events out of state. We pray to continue work with them and Ashley dreams of being on the store opening team and continuing to design and photograph for them.

Ashley has since left Anthro to peruse full-time freelance artistry. She now designs art and shoots photo/video daily. We started a company that encompasses all out or creative works named Seldom Seamed. Under this umbrella, we design, install, freelance, consult and travel to make any vision I client has a reality. Ashley recently finished a full buildout in a client’s garage that converted a makeshift 3 stall garage into a modern family space that houses an art room, bicycle storage and other elements. If you’re reading this, you’ve already found SeldomSeamed.com

We have met so many amazing friends in our artist community and we have neighbors ranging from musicians, painters, jewelry makers, potters and furniture builders. We’ve been able to colab with many of these incredible people and Ashley works with some of them to design and build weekly. We truly appreciate our neighbors and feel safe and loved living next to each one of them. OurselvesĀ and the other 11 arts lofts owners are responsible for leading the City of Lake Worth’s arts movement and we are planning many art events and art walk type activities around our homes and studios next year.

In November we completed a 150 mile touring bicycle trip over the GAP trail from Cumberland MA to Pittsburg PA. This trip changed our lives and made us hungry for more trips just like it. We completed this with family from other parts of the country. (visit back for a completed video of this trip next week)

We’ve taken many road trips and camped out in our Honda Element, we’ve floated down crystal clear creeks in tubes during pouring rain storms, we’ve played disc golf in foggy fields over rolling hills, we’ve learned how to spin pottery and have gone snorkeling along side 5′ eagle rays and nurse sharks. I speared my first fish over sunken wreckage off my coast and cooked it for my wife the next night. I’ve gone kayaking and mangrove island hopping and scrapped barnacles of the bottom of a floating house boat in an island cove. I’ve painted a mural on the back of a house, played paintball and learned to train a bonsai tree.

Ive changed attire styles and given away others. I’ve shaved my beard off and grown it back again. I’ve developed a love for E.D.C. and pocket tools and now trade and collect all sorts of tactical gear.

I had a bachelors party in the woods with my best friends and slayed a rabbit then ate it. I piloted hundreds of people on an airboat through the Everglades and showed them things they never knew existed. I discovered the hobby of geocaching and have uncovered treasures in 9 states. We’ve stayed in historic homes and new homes, in tents and in our car. We’ve been to weddings on beaches and under trees. We’ve explored through downtowns and down dirt paths.

I’ve made many new friends and learned how to love my family in a new way since leaving them for my bride. I left a band that I started 5 years ago and have watched them continue to succeed and create. I wrote and recorded a record with other fiends and learned more about my instrument.

I’ve been reminded of family members that have gone to heaven and I’ve seen younger members continue to grow and develop there own incredible personalities.

Among all these things, what I’m most truly thankful for is my salvation in Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t have achieved any of these things without a constant friend to keep dialog with and my God has been my fuel for adventure. Ashley is a gift from God that I do not deserve and God reminds me of how much Christ loves me every time I look at her.

Thank you everyone who has blessed either my wife or myself in 2013. You’ve made an impact on my year and I appreciate you, honestly.

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