Making a Concrete Splash



ECO SIMPLISTA ///There’s a spot, right in downtown Fort Lauderdale, where a bunch of superbly talented have set up shop. Originally a “non-toxic” paint store est. in 2008, they have have since developed a custom construction company and now expanded to a store front where they sell eco friendly building materials. As I first stepped foot into Eco Simplista, even months away from a grand opening, I was instantly inspired by the place, along with it’s owners Derek and Dana.



I’ve been working with Eco Simplista on a few display projects for their store, the first of which is this window. One thing this company is known for is their custom concrete abilities, so as a first window, we’ve created this explosion of concrete on the streets of FTL.



The mutant like blob of concrete erupts from its mixer, hits the ground and jumps across the front entrance way to the store where it continues on the other side. The concrete spatter is backed by a tapestry of gradient selected paint swatches that whirl and twirl independently suspended by wire.








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