Centerpieces Dipped in Gold



Centerpieces // Wes + Taylor

Back when the days were long and the romance of Summer was just upon us, we headed up to North Carolina to join hands with our family in crafting together a wedding celebration. The bride was my cousin Taylor, brought up in the South and brimming with dreams of capturing the chic Southern charm of her roots.

table decor2
table_written color


Inspired by the bridal colors and charged with the task of making centerpieces, I referenced Pinterest and got to work making mood boards for texture, materials and plants. A meeting with Taylor and establishing our favorite elements brought us to decorations using vintage gold dipped glass, pallet wood, copper pipe, gold dipped pears and feathers, ferns, moss and thyme.

table_written explaintable_written explain

I chopped up wood and gathered sticks, scoured the local thrift stores for glass then foraged for plant life and gathered crafting supplies. We masked off our glass collection and spray painted gold in geometric shapes – then sprayed twigs, pears and feathers too. We broke apart bronze colored glass into triangular shapes and bent sections of copper pipe.


Mint through a young blueberry bush, not yet ripe and pink at the tip of the berry.
Gold reflected through mirror pieces + gold glitter dusted onto feathers sparkling in the breeze.
Pink through copper pipe vases and touches in the plant life.

table decor1table3 table2Table1
The charm of the tables was back-dropped by the elegance of the Stowe Manor, a historic mansion in the heart of Belmont, NC. Each tables was unique, containing similar elements but shifting from one surface to the next. Under a large white tent, the receptions was illuminated by market lights while music and dancing swayed outside.

TableCombo7 TableCombo9TableCombo11TableCombo1

The night was balmy, the couple was smiling and the guests were merry – aglow with joy for the newly married couple.





Many of the items used were either free or second hand. Here’s a quick list of some of the materials I used + where I acquire them.

PLANTS – Many were clippings from around town, ferns and succulents were from a nursery and Home Depot.
WOOD – Pallet wood can almost always be found for free. I found mine in the father of the bride’s back yard.
Twigs and sticks were also gathered from the back yard and spray painted gold.
GLASS – Thrifted and all 50¢ or less save for a few special pieces. Spray paint from Home Depot
COPPER PIPE PLANTERS – 1/2 copper pipe from Home Depot (under $10 for 10′), cut into section then bent into shape. A satin finish clear coat was applied after cleaning the tarnish bring the pipe back to it’s pinkish color.


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