Building the Urban Swamp


Over the summer, I was asked to be featured in a solo art exhibition in a pop-up gallery at Cadence Living in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Cadence, a landscape architecture and urban design practice by day, regularly participates in and leads art events in the F.A.T. Village of FTL in their off time. The show ran from Aug-Nov during the F.A.T. Village art walk and the Cadence Pop Up Gallery was a featured gallery in Art Fallout 2014.

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I was curious about what South Florida may have looked if instead of removing trees to build up urban landscapes, we build upon the foundation of trees. My focus for this show was to integrate materials and bring together soft natural and hard urban materials.
My materials came from actual plant life, paper, wood + metal.



Vivid Limb
Mounted organic branch with LED strip lighting



Manufactured Mangrove
Conduit, wire and piano hammers


I’m a Florida native and as a kid, I never saw Florida’s natural trees and plants as desirable, to me they were dingy and boring. I think my love for South Florida began when I was able to leave it for periods of time for things like study abroad and international missions work. Coming back home each time I left, I became more aware of the uniqueness of Florida and it always felt more and more like home base.  Now when I’m driving around South Florida’s streets, I see things I didn’t before, and I’ve come to love and appreciate the swampy roots of my home.



Infrared Image Transfers on Seagrape Leaves, No. 1-13
Seagrape Leaves, image transfer, wood, thread


Pining Light
Reconstructed pine branch, wire, metal shavings






Through the process in creating pieces for Urban Swamp, I found that my focus shifted into wanting visitors to be inspired by, truly see + experience South Florida. Nick and I make it a point to get out and adventure in our home state as much as possible and we’re huge promoters for all that Florida has to offer.
To share our love and make exploring South Florida more tangible, I developed a campaign called Do Something with your Weekend. I drew up cards with a few of our most favorite South Florida adventures and passed them out to everyone who walked through the gallery.






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photo by Monica McGivern

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