Copper Rock Pub Art

SeldomSeamed---whisky-still-sclupture-15Earlier last year, a new rock pub + kitchen was set to open in the heart of City Place in Downtown West Palm Beach named Copper Blues. The restaurant, already established on the West Coast, had sunk it’s roots in the East Coast and was looking for some original artwork to complete the raw material, urban industrial look contained inside and out of Copper Blues.

SeldomSeamed---whisky-still-sclupture-11When we first stepped foot into the newly formed rock pub, we were instantly inspired by the lighting and use of raw materials. The vibe was already present despite the plastic sheeting, ladders and workers making noise around us. We took a quick tour and gathered inspiration from the glass walled keg room, large faux-copper piping throughout the ceiling, copper + raw wood wall shelves, custom concrete bar tops and rows upon rows of taps. The restaurant had an large window front-and-center that opened up into their outdoor beer garden where they wanted to feature a whiskey still.

We offered up a few different design ideas and mutually selected this hand built, one-of-a-kind, all copper whiskey still inspired sculpture.


We found an all copper whiskey still online that was shipped flat to be built DIY. Then ordered lots of 1″,  2″ and 4″ copper pipe + fittings and found some vintage steam boiler gauges on eBay. We built the still in our studio using copper rivets and sheet metal tools and then sweat together the larger fittings before installing at City Place. The 4″ section of copper weighs close to 15 lbs and was a bear to sweat with it’s almost 1/4″ thick walls!


Once at Copper Blues, we cut pipes to fit the exact window dimensions, sweat (soldered) the pieces together, drilled holes for the gauges and attached the sculpture to the walls and ceiling. After a little steel wool, good ol’ fashioned spit shine, she was ready and Copper Blues was open that weekend. As we were building, we filmed a video of our creation process, check it out here!

The rock pub + kitchen itself is a fantastic place in Downtown West Palm Beach serving culinary inspired food (many of which are infused with a selection of craft beers) plus live music, a large selection of creative mixed drinks and a huge count of rotating craft beers on tap. It’s fresh and filled with atmosphere, so stop by for some good food, a cold beer and some original Seldom Seamed art!

SeldomSeamed---whisky-still-sclupture-5 SeldomSeamed---whisky-still-sclupture-1 SeldomSeamed---whisky-still-sclupture-14

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