Paint Lines Window Display



Springtime brought about a new window display for our friends at Eco Simplista, and in a second display fabricated for the company, we chose to highlight their eco-friendly solution to paint. Since Eco Simplista started as a simple “non-toxic” paint store back in 2008 – it was only a natural place to begin for inspiration.
We featured Mythic Paint company in the window display, which is a low odor, zero VOC and zero carcinogen paint. It’s an excellent product and a cornerstone of Eco Simplista’s company. Then we got to work sketching out a few compositions involving paint cans, lots of color and bundles of string.

paint-string-window-by-Seldom-Seamed-19-CRAFTEDbuild-4There was a ton of string to gather and more than a few holes to drill into the platforms made to hold the string.

The platforms were made from plywood and bordered by 2x2s with holes drilled every inch at a 45. The 3/4″ plywood was raised to the height of the 2x2s with strips of mdf, leaving enough room around the edges for the string to be tucked under and inside. I roughly knew where I wanted each paint can and color to be hung, so I painted the platforms correspondingly around the edges to match the illusion of paint dripping, and continue it onto the floor.




The difficulty and time consumption for this window display was undoubtably spent in drilling and stringing the holes. The strings had to number in the hundreds to feel fully impactful, and we we drilled until we couldn’t drill any more.

I made a custom needle to string the holes because I didn’t have one with a large enough eye to make threading quick and easy. I used a light gauge wire and made a loop on one end that could easily be stretched open for the string, yet collapse through the holes in the wood. It worked like a charm.

I found it easiest to secure the string by pulling taut and fixing with hot glue. It was much quicker than tying and allowed for securing multiple strings at a time.

Once all the strings were in place, we attached the 2x2s to the platforms with a nail gun.

Eco Simplista Paint Lines Window Display





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