Farm to Table, Copper to Wall Art Installation at Dirt

Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-27


DIRT // eat clean

We’ve been putting our torches and solder to work over at the Seldom Seamed Factory. We collaborated with our friends over at a new South Beach restaurant named DIRT – a farm to table establishment with killer food that packs the place out with hungry beach goers and health conscious foodies alike.

DIRT is passionate about good food, sourcing quality ingredients and collaborating with their unique vendors. Jeff LaTulippe, co-founder of Dirt, brought us in during the design phases of the restaurant to add a few detail elements and also create an art installation in the entrance way featuring their “farms and friends”. Jeff expressed a desire to have a customer facing, visual representation of where their food is actually sourced from. Transparency about food and the quality of its origin are important concepts to the folks at DIRT.



Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-24


Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-38

CONCEPT // the world in copper

Most of Dirt’s farms and vendors are located locally in the state of Florida yet they also source from other regions of the US and around the world. The concept we designed and fabricated uses transparent orange acrylic tags that are laser engraved naming each farm, where they’re located and what they provide to DIRT’s seasonal menu. These tags are then part of one of two maps – the first is a large Florida state silhouette made of wood slats, the second is an even larger world map made from cross-cut segments of copper piping.

Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-7
Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-28Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-30

The Florida silhouette and wall shelves are created from stained wood strips and held together with long sections of 5/8″ threaded rod. The custom cut slats are spaced apart by passing the threaded rod through copper pipe segments which creates the slatted look. This design was also purposed to created a modular mounting solution for the acrylic farm tags. Each tag was drilled and fixed to a slightly tapered square wooden peg with a stainless security screw and then wedged in-between the wood strips. This allows more plaques to be easily added in the future as DIRT’s vendors morph and grow. The larger square acrylic plaques are DIRT’s “farms” and the smaller diamond shaped squares are DIRT’s “friends” like US!

The wall shelves were created as space to display daily specials or small decor and they float beneath vinyl lettering that states “OUR FARMS + FRIENDS”. We cut the vinyl from a frosted transparent product that 3M manufactures which allows the copper wall behind to shine through, just in a slightly defused way.


Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-6

Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-5

The copper world map was quite a process to craft. We used segments from 1/2″, 1″, 2″ 3″ and 4″ diameter solid copper piping and arranged them on a gigantic printed paper outline of the world. Each point where the copper segments touch was then fluxed and soldered by hand and when finished, held each continent together as a whole. The heat signature from the soldering torch was left on the sides of the pipe segments to create interest and the front faces of the assembled continents were sanded and polished to reflect light from the Miami Beach sun out the front windows.

We spaced out the various continents from the wall behind with longer sections of capped pipe that was soldered in as a camouflaged part of each land mass. The continents end up “floating” over the wooden florida by about 1.5″, and cast some amazing shadows- it’s really incredible. The acrylic tags are held into place on the continents using appropriately sized wooden dowels that fit into the copper pipe similar to how the square pegs work on the florida section of the map- also easily expandable and modular.

Dirt Miami crafted by DuoFab-31

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