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How may we serve you?

When the restaurant DIRT was gearing to open up on South Beach, they were looking for a way to approach the finer details with a fresh perspective. The decor at DIRT is bright and minimal with shades of gray, oak wood, marble and touches of copper. Every detail in the planning of the restaurant was intentional and they incorporated many custom-made elements. Two of these elements they entrusted to us; hand-made name tags and a custom table order number system.
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For the name tags, we combined oak, copper, chalk slate paint and magnets to create what we consider some of the radest name tags ever. The oak is first cut to size, sanded, then painted with chalk slate paint so employee’s names can be hand written and modified when needed. The ends of the oak are intentionally cut slow and hot to slightly char the end grain which highlights the oak’s unique grain pattern and adds detail. They are heat branded with DIRT’s logo using a custom machined branding head and then copper leaf is applied to the edges and sealed to prevent oxidization. The tags are worn utilizing strong neodymium magnets set into the back of the name tag that mate with a comfortable felt backing that can be placed inside a shirt or apron.

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Not your ordinary order number

The order number system we designed for DIRT incorporates branding, authenticity and a sensory experience.  The number cards are made to mimic the look and feel of a vegatable seed packet. We choose this motif because it aligns with the farm to table concept and further reminds patrons about where food comes from and how it begins.

Each numbered packet contains small, non perishable beads the size of seeds that rattle around when shaken and provide a three dimensional feel when handled. The packets are actually hand-cut, and the edges are wrapped, folded and glued closed in the same manner a real seed packet would be. The special ordered speckled paper is clear coated after sealing up for added stain resistance however we wanted these to wear like real seed packets would, you won’t see any lamination here.

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The bases for the order numbers are made from heavy 2″ white oak dowel. Each dowel section is cut at random length and angle so that no two bases are the same, and the lower half is painted white. Out of the base stretches a hand-formed, clear coated solid copper wire that’s bent into 4 different shapes creating 4 different stand styles.

The shapes we bent are used as icons developed for DIRT to specify different categories on their menu. These icons such as a leaf and a radish are also used on product labels for bottled juices or grab-and-go snacks. By showcasing these icons in our stands, we were able to emphasize this clever branding detail.

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