09th Jul 2016

Farm to Table, Copper to Wall Art Installation at Dirt

  DIRT // eat clean We’ve been putting our torches and solder to work over at the Seldom Seamed Factory. We collaborated with our friends over at a new South...

05th Jun 2015
Window Display at Eco Simplista in Fort Lauderdale by Seldom Seamed

Paint Lines Window Display

CROSSING PAINT + YARN Springtime brought about a new window display for our friends at Eco Simplista, and in a second display fabricated for the company, we chose to highlight their eco-friendly...

16th Mar 2015
Whiskey still sculpture at Copper Blues WPB by Seldom Seamed

Copper Rock Pub Art

Earlier last year, a new rock pub + kitchen was set to open in the heart of City Place in Downtown West Palm Beach named Copper Blues. The restaurant, already established on...

05th Feb 2015

Building the Urban Swamp

Over the summer, I was asked to be featured in a solo art exhibition in a pop-up gallery at Cadence Living in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Cadence, a landscape architecture and urban...

17th Nov 2014

Centerpieces Dipped in Gold

  Centerpieces // Wes + Taylor Back when the days were long and the romance of Summer was just upon us, we headed up to North Carolina to join hands...

05th Dec 2013
Holiday decor made from wood shims by Seldom Seamed

A Tree Full of Shingles and a Place Filled with Hope

I had the privilege to build some original holiday art and decorate for Taylor’s Closet’s Boutique. After a creative meeting with Lindsay – the founder of this incredible organization, I...

02nd Nov 2013

Re-Image at Revel on the Block

In late July, I had the privilege to be a part of Revel on the Block in Fort Lauderdale in a gallery show called Re-Imagine. The show was curated by...