09th Jul 2016

Order up // Dirt Miami

How may we serve you? When the restaurant DIRT was gearing to open up on South Beach, they were looking for a way to approach the finer details with a...

09th Jul 2016

Farm to Table, Copper to Wall Art Installation at Dirt

  DIRT // eat clean We’ve been putting our torches and solder to work over at the Seldom Seamed Factory. We collaborated with our friends over at a new South...

09th Jul 2016
whole foods quilling video

Curl, Crease then Shape // Crafted for Whole Foods

Four paper quilling sculptural panels designed for Whole Foods and made from recycled paper grocery bags. Each panel depicts a scene celebrating the Florida region and Whole Foods’ focus on...

05th Jun 2015
Window Display at Eco Simplista in Fort Lauderdale by Seldom Seamed

Paint Lines Window Display

CROSSING PAINT + YARN Springtime brought about a new window display for our friends at Eco Simplista, and in a second display fabricated for the company, we chose to highlight their eco-friendly...

16th Mar 2015
Making of: Building a whiskey still sculpture at Copper Blues WPB by Seldom Seamed

Building a Copper Whiskey Still

Ever wonder how a whiskey still works or is assembled? We learned how to be bonafide moonshiners as we fabricated a project for Copper Blues, a new massively popular restaurant...

16th Mar 2015
Whiskey still sculpture at Copper Blues WPB by Seldom Seamed

Copper Rock Pub Art

Earlier last year, a new rock pub + kitchen was set to open in the heart of City Place in Downtown West Palm Beach named Copper Blues. The restaurant, already established on...

05th Feb 2015

Building the Urban Swamp

Over the summer, I was asked to be featured in a solo art exhibition in a pop-up gallery at Cadence Living in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Cadence, a landscape architecture and urban...

21st Dec 2014

Proposal – Take the Risk, Light it Up

proposal on the water an LED light board   James had a dream – a spectacular plan for a unique proposal to his girlfriend through a coordinated water LED light show....

07th Aug 2014

Making a Concrete Splash

  ECO SIMPLISTA ///There’s a spot, right in downtown Fort Lauderdale, where a bunch of superbly talented have set up shop. Originally a “non-toxic” paint store est. in 2008, they...

16th Jun 2014

Bicycle Storage

  GOING VERTICAL We were looking for a way to save space with 5 bikes on our hands. Faced with a challenge and a good bit of square footage to...