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02nd Nov 2013

Re-Image at Revel on the Block

In late July, I had the privilege to be a part of Revel on the Block in Fort Lauderdale in a gallery show called Re-Imagine. The show was curated by...

01st Sep 2013


CHICAGO We arrived in our hotel room and immediately got to searching the internet. We’ve got to find bikes, we kept telling persons on the receiving end of our phone...

20th Jul 2013

Ocean’s Edge Presents, The Show

photos from The Show by Ocean’s Edge School of Worship,¬†class of 2013.

07th Jul 2013

Drums in Chorus

a live music video produced for Ocean’s Edge School of Worship featuring 5 drum sets and pitch bending keys solo. Drums Feature from ashley NARDONE on Vimeo.

02nd Jul 2013

My Life as a Display Artist

For two years, I had the privilege to design store displays for Anthropologie in Boca Raton, FL. It was an incredible time to learn new techniques and work with new...

29th Jun 2013

the lofty life

A newspaper clipping from the Palm Beach Post was placed into Nick’s hand. “You should look into this,” came the advice from his Aunt. It was an article describing a...

14th Dec 2012

Live at Ocean’s Edge

You Alone We Praise – an original song by Ocean’s Edge School of Worship, filmed live at The Show.

30th Aug 2012

Crash This Place

A music video I filmed for the single “Crash This Place” off Matthew Reed’s debut EP called “Come and Drink” that released on iTunes May 31, 2011.

20th Feb 2012


I’ve had the opportunity to help a few musician’s on their way to creating new albums by filming their kickstarter video. Below are a few I have produced.  

14th Sep 2011

Rivers Were Roads

An original music video I filmed of the band Alexander, River’s Were Roads off their album It’s Not Always Signs, It’s Not Always Wonders. Currently the band has reformed as...